Why we are a Center of Excellence

We are part of the 180 best public departments in Italy, selected for the quality of our research and for the ability that we have to present a credible and concrete development plan. Our commitment is to improve your education.


The DEMM is a research intensive department with a mainly empirical approach in economic, business and statistical areas. In particular, we distinguish ourselves by using econometric and statistical frontier analysis methodologies applied to social problems. This is the reason why many of our colleagues in our department are international references in their respective areas of competence and serve as advisors to the Government and recognized national and international bodies.

Development Projects

The CEEDS plans to increase the computational capacity of the Department by investing in a new IT laboratory and in software mandatory to manipulate new forms and volumes of data, and human capital, hiring technical staff with advanced skills in managing Big Data. Our goal is to coordinate a working group that includes young technicians and researchers in economics and data science. DEMM research, in fact, aims to use Big Data more and more, which have information content that has not yet been well explored, and to complement and integrate it with traditional data to develop its research activity on two macro-themes, social transformations and technological transformations.


We have set up a Master's Degree in Economics and Data Science, with the aim of training economists with solid quantitative and theoretical tools capable of using new data to answer research questions in the economic field. Not only the classic econometric and microeconomic instruments, but also a solid preparation in statistics and information technology. Our goal is to provide you with cutting-edge preparation to position yourself in a wide range of business sectors, which is now indispensable in a modern and rapidly evolving job market.
We also fund a PhD to encourage students to follow research in this project.

The University of Milan is a major research and teaching institution located in one of Europe’s most thriving cities. It is ranked in the top 200 for Economics in the Shanghai Ranking of World Universities. According to RepEc, the Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods – DEMM – is one of the top five departments of economics in Italy and in the top four percent in Europe. The recent Italian research evaluation exercise (VQR 2011-2014) placed DEMM among the top 10 departments in the area of economics, management and statistics in Italy. DEMM has also been the recipient of a generous competitive funding in the recent “Bando Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” grant, awarded by the Italian ministry of education (MIUR) and aimed at creating the Centre of Excellence in Economics and Data Science (CEEDS).

People make the difference: with talent you win games, but it is with teamwork and intelligence that you win championships.

Steering Committee

It provides support to overcome organizational problems and supervises the progress of projects. It is formed by an exponent of each of three soul of our Department: Prof. Frattini (Economics), Prof. Rentocchini (Management) and Prof. Manzi (Statistics).


They contribute to the development of university scientific research and participate in the experimentation of new teaching methods. They deepen and adapt their theoretical, operational and social skills by promoting and participating in cultural and professional initiatives to create a committed, welcoming and culturally stimulating environment for all students in a highly multicultural context.

Administrative Staff

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