Our Goals

Strengthen Current Research, understand Social and Technological Transformations

Strengthen Current Research

CEEDS deems it essential to avail of adequate infrastructures that allow the efficient combination of currently used data, mainly arising from sample surveys, with new data, which are now growing exponentially. Empirical research in economics is experiencing an explosion in the availability of new data, which present new features and pose unprecedented demands. [Read More...]

Social Transformations

CEEDS’s activity on social transformation aims at a better understanding of the economic effects of demographic transformations among the resident population (e.g., aging, expansion of demand for health services), and of those arising from sustained migratory flows (e.g., re-stratification of the school system, change in the workforce’s composition). [Read More...]

Technological Transformations

CEEDS will study the effects of recent technological transformations – automation, robotisation and digitisation – on production processes, industrial relations, the market for goods, and business internationalisation, which characterise the so-called fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). [Read More...]

About Us

About Us

The University of Milan is a major research and teaching institution located in one of Europe’s most thriving cities. It is ranked in the top 200 for Economics in the Shanghai Ranking of World Universities. According to RepEc, the Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods – DEMM – is one of the top five departments of economics in Italy and in the top four percent in Europe. The recent Italian research evaluation exercise (VQR 2011-2014) placed DEMM among the top 10 departments in the area of economics, management and statistics in Italy. DEMM has also been the recipient of a generous competitive funding in the recent “Bando Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” grant, awarded by the Italian ministry of education (MIUR) and aimed at creating the Centre of Excellence in Economics and Data Science (CEEDS). [Read More...]

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