The Centre of Excellence in Economics and Data Science (CEEDS) is part of the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM). The CEEDS is a multi-purpose technology infrastructure, suitable for the empirical analysis of different research lines of the Department.


CEEDS’s activity on social transformation aims at a better understanding of the economic effects of demographic transformations among the resident population (e.g., aging, expansion of demand for health services), and of those arising from sustained migratory flows (e.g., re-stratification of the school system, change in the workforce’s composition). In this context, the project pursues further analyses of economic effects, for example, regarding economic growth and productivity, employment and wages, entrepreneurship, innovation and impact on the public budget. The outcome of these analyses should help, for example, in better understanding current changes, contributing as well to the definition of labour market policies for the integration of migrants (i.e. education, health, welfare, family policies, financial inclusion), and to assess the impact of such changes on the global production system.