The Centre of Excellence in Economics and Data Science (CEEDS) is part of the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM). The CEEDS is a multi-purpose technology infrastructure, suitable for the empirical analysis of different research lines of the Department.


CEEDS will study the effects of recent technological transformations – automation, robotisation and digitisation – on production processes, industrial relations, the market for goods, and business internationalisation, which characterise the so-called fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). The recent economic literature has highlighted how technological transformations will create both opportunities and challenges for future labour markets and productive systems. At the same time, said transformations will impact social security and welfare systems, the content of competences and their acquisition, health and safety at work, and issues related to social welfare and distributive justice in general. The effects of the fourth industrial revolution will be studied in connection to research topics where DEMM already plays a leading role in national and international research. This was also made possible through recent collaborations with a number of leading research institutions (e.g., CERN in Geneva; European Space Agency; CEPR and New York FED): the risk of generating greater inequality and polarisation of the labour market, impact on health and safety at work, productivity gains, development of new markets and financial instruments, the relationship between work and leisure and the need for redistribution policies by the State.